• Main game screen
  • Confrontation!
  • Multi-ship battles
  • Trade with either ships or planets
  • Trade Screen

Space Adventure Game

Created Space Adventure for the Software Development 3 coursework.

For the design of the game we were given a vague brief to follow but I decided to greatly expand upon that an thus create a much more interesting game. The game has the player control a space ship so they can travel around the local solar system. They can they fight other space ships if they land on the same square and trade with planets for resources. Each planet and spaceship had their own inventory, name, class and attack and defence value. Some planets might be military planets and as such, provide the player with extra defence bonus' if they are attacked whilst garrisoned there. Forge worlds on the other hand produce more ores whilst civilian planets demand these ores. There is also the option to trade with peaceful civilian ships that can be found moving throughout the system also.

The purpose of the game was to show knowledge of different Software Design Patterns. The main ones implemented were the factory pattern, singleton, decorator, command and strategy patterns. I also implemented a multi-threaded approach to NPC and inventory management that handled moving of multiple characters at the same time although this was very rudimentary.

Project Details:

  • Eclipse
  • Java
  • Design Patterns

Github Repo