Global Game Jam 2014

Global Game Jam - Robot Game (2014)

Participated in and developed a game for Global Game Jam 2014 at the Edinburgh jam site.

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Personal research into cellular automata

Game of Life

Created a version of Conway's Game of Life as part of research into Cellular Automata

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Super Santa Brawl

SIE Christmas App Jam (2013)

Developed a game in 10 hours for SIE App jam to learn Unity's new 2D features.

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Silent Night Menu

Silent Night

Developed environments, menus and systems for horror themed game "Silent Night" in 48 hours.

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Pufferfish App

Flickr App

Developed an application that integrates with the Flickr API to take images that have mercator projection to be used on Pufferfishes Puffersphere technology.

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D3 Internship

Data Visualisation with D3

Summer internship with IIDI to research and develop data visualisations using D3

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University Projects

Fast motion adaptation project

MSc Thesis

MSc, Edinburgh. My thesis involved creating a fast method for motion retargetting hundreds of characters in real-time using the GPU.

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Parallel Optimisation Programming Project

Honours Project

4th Year, Napier. My honours project involved optimising and evauating my volumetric rendering engine using the GPU.

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Parallel Optimisation Programming Project

Parallel N-Body

4th Year, Napier. Optimised IDEA and N-body algorithms using C++11 multi-threading, OpenMP, MPI and GPU techniques.

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Lots of Particles on the GPU

GPU Particle Engine

Used and optimised Geometry Shaders in DirectX for mass particle and cube generation.

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OpenGl Scene

OpenGl Rendering Engine

Used OpenGl, GLM and GLFW to create a rendering engine to demonstrate several graphical effects such as heightmap loading, particle effects and shader effects.

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Mobile Virtual Reality App

Mobile Virtual Reality

Experimented with offset projection matrix to produce a 3D effect using a 2D screen and gyroscopes.

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Java Space Adventure game

Space Adventure

Developed a game for Software Development 3 module which used multiple design patterns and multithreading.

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Illdao (Game)

2nd Year, Napier. Created a game using Irrlicht and C++ to learn fundamentals of games programming including physics, collision detection and the entity component model.

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