Codeplay Software - Edinburgh

Software Engineer • Apr, 2016 — Present

I am currently working as a Runtime Engineer on the ComputeAorta project at Codeplay Software

Disney Research - Edinburgh

Intern • Jan, 2016 — Apr, 2016

I worked at Disney Research Edinburgh under supervision of Senior Research Scientist Kenny Mitchell. Primarily used WebGL and Javascript to create cross-platform prototypes for presentation to other Business Units within Disney.

Rockstar North - Edinburgh

Mission Scripter • Jun, 2014 — Sep, 2014

Scripting missions and systems as part of the Level Design team. Worked as part of the Level Design team on products produced by Rockstar North. Primarily used RAGE Script to add functionality to existing systems, create missions and create new systems.


Edinburgh University

MSc (By Research), Pervasive Parallelism • 2014 — 2015

Studied Pervasive Parallelism on a MSc course supervised by Taku Komura and funded by EPSRC. My thesis project is titled "Parallel Relationship Descriptors for Real-time Motion Adaptation". My primary focus was on optimising a method for motion retargetting so that it can be performed in real-time. This project made use of C++, OpenGL and OpenCL with the technique being optimised for GPGPU. My work during this time was published as part of a paper in Motion in Games 2015.

Edinburgh Napier University

BSc (Hons), Games Engineering • 2010 — 2014

Studied Games Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University. Achieved first class honours, Lawrence Ho award and University Class Medal


  • Personal Project - (C++, DirectX and HLSL)
  • Group Project - (Unity3D and C#)
  • Software Development 2 and 3 - (C#)
  • Introduction to Graphics Programming - (C++ and OpenGL)
  • Games Engineering – (C++ and Irrlicht)
  • Softare Engineering - (JAVA)
  • Fundamentals of Parallel Systems - (Groovy)
  • Software Engineering Methods
  • Database Systems - (Oracle DB and MySQL)
  • Algorithms and Data Structures


Programming Languages

  • C/C++
  • Javascript (basic HTML and PHP)
  • Python
  • Shader writing with HLSL/GLSL
  • APIs and Libraries

    Working knowledge of OpenGL, OpenCL, GLM, DirectX, and D3.

    Parallel Computing

    Much of my experience and interests is in making things fast. Thus I am familiar with parallel computing technologies, particularly OpenMP, MPI, DirectCompute, OpenCL and Geometry Shaders (HLSL/GLSL) and C++11 threads.

    Version Control

    Working knowledge of Git and Perforce for versioning software.


    Knowledge of OracleDB and MySQL for database management. Unity3D amd Visual Studio for applications developement.

    Software Engineering Concepts

    Object Oriented Design, Software Design Patterns, Human Computer Interaction, Multithreaded Computer Models.

    Certificates and Awards

    Edinburgh Napier University

    University Class Medal • 2014

    Graduating with highest academic achievement in class.

    Edinburgh Napier University

    Lawrence Ho Award • 2014

    Edinburgh Napier University

    Baillie Gifford Prize for Computing • 2013

    Best University Projects

    Fachhochschule Potsdam, iVersity.org

    The Future of Storytelling • 2013

    Completed an online course on Storytelling.